Technical Management

We offer a package of comprehensive technical management services, which ensure that our client’s vessels are kept fully operational and well maintained in the most cost-efficient way. Our group of highly-dedicated superintendents is responsible for technical, marine and safety issues.

Our technical superintendents are each allocated a maximum of five vessels, which they frequently visit. All senior officers onboard regularly visit our headquarters in Hamburg for briefings and training. This ensures that all vessels are manned by well-trained and fully updated staff, which we provide with the necessary support and control at all times.

The procurement of spare parts and other supplies for the vessels is handled through an advanced e-procurement system, which ensures that quality parts and stores are sourced fast and efficiently at the lowest possible cost.

We use a powerful software package to plan and control maintenance work, stocks and supplies onboard all of the vessels entrusted to us. Installed on both vessels and at our office the software is fully integrated and enables us to share findings from individual vessels with the entire fleet with the goal of boosting loss prevention.

Our advanced IT solutions also allow you to view online reports and data on the vessels’ performances, while you are able to monitor any transaction. This ensures that you are kept up to date with detailed information on your vessels, including financing, crews and technical matters.

Crew Management

Our crew management services encompass the recruitment, deployment and management of deck, engine and catering staff. We recruit our crew in our offices in Odessa (Ukraine) and Manila (Philippines) as well as through our partner crew agencies in key seafarer locations around the world. We have strict screening procedures in place for all seafarers new to us, which ensures that the crew we employ is able to fulfill all intended duties onboard.

In order to guarantee that our crew always possesses the latest knowledge and skills, we provide training and arrange seminars on a regular basis.

Beyond direct crew-related operations, we also support services such as payroll management, travel arrangements, handling of crew insurance claims and any other services needed to safeguard smooth crewing services of our client’s vessels.

Our unique lump sum crew concept ensures fixed crew cost for your budget period and covers the entire crewing of your vessel while we take on the budget risk. In addition this reduces your administration work. Our concept is a one-stop solution taking care of everything: recruitment, salaries, planning, pre-joining checks, crew changes, travel, insurance, training and administration. Nevertheless, you can remain in full control of who is aboard your vessel, as you are free to participate in the recruitment process. Our clients also receive information about the officers and ratings we intend to send onboard their vessels well in advance.

Corporate Services 

Nordic provides corporate services specialized in managing corporate and trust structures on behalf of national and international corporations, including hight-net-worth individuals as well as professional and semi-professional investors. 

  • Registration of companies and /or partnerships 

  • Corporate administration and documentation 

  • Asset Management 

  • Liquidations 

  • Accounting and Controlling Services 

  • Financing and Funding 

  • Investor Relations