Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement was founded in 2006 by Dr. Rowil Ponta and Richard Grube. The business concept today is the same as it was back then: to provide high-quality ship management services to our clients as an equal partner with full transparency. Having a small, efficient and flat organization with a team of highly competent, motivated and dedicated staff makes us a reliable partner for all requirements in the global shipping industry.

The business idea and philosophy proved to be very successful, and today we provide a full range of ship management services to various clients around the world. The fleet comprises more than 45 vessels, which we manage through our head office in Hamburg and our fully owned and controlled branch offices in Odessa (Ukraine), Manila (Philippines) and Hong Kong (China). 

Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance is a strong part­ner for identi­fy­ing, struc­tur­ing and fin­an­­cing pro­jects in today’s ship­ping mar­kets.

Based in Ham­burg, Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance (NPF) iden­ti­fies in­­vest­­ment op­­por­­tun­­it­ies and of­fers all re­lated ser­­vices in­­­volving pro­ject man­age­­ment (in­­clud­ing struc­tur­ing and de­vel­op­­ment), asset man­age­­ment (tech­n­ic­al, com­mer­­­cial and cor­­por­ate) as well as fin­an­­cing solu­­tions on be­half of private- and fin­an­­cial in­­vestors, ship own­ers as well as fin­an­­cing banks. NPF acts as co-in­­vestor, ad­visor and pro­ject broker for private and pro­fes­­sion­al in­­vestors. Ser­­vices cover the full value chain from pro­ject de­vel­op­­ment and struc­tur­ing, over fun­d-rais­ing and ar­range­­ment of debt fin­an­­cing until full asset and cor­­por­ate man­age­­ment.

ONE BULK – Your commercial management partner safely navigating through complex and volatile markets.

One Bulk offers comprehensive high quality commercial management solutions in the dry bulk sector. Through our worldwide fast network we have excellent access to global freight markets providing owners with full scale employment opportunities for their vessels. One bulk is capable of arranging first class period time charter contracts, time charter trips and voyage business with reputable first class counterparts. The scope is rounded up with high quality post-fixture administration and daily operations including extensive reporting.

Our joint venture ensures a pro-active commercial management approach, leading to excellent results for your vessels.